Our Projects


Tie & Dye

Aastha the foundation of hope now presents Shibori, lehriya and a lot more traditional and western tie and dye patterns featured on bags and napkins with lots of colours and creativity.... The project - Tie & Dye aims at teaching the young women, the widely appreciated art form of binding fabric and dying it to create myriad patterns that are each unique in their own way. These beautifully hand created fabrics are then transformed into daily-use products that would quickly give a distinct aesthetic to your homes. The primary aim of this project is to impart knowledge in a way that subsequently these women can earn their livelihood independently and become self-reliant while developing an entrepreneurial venture aimed at delivering high quality tasteful products.

Fashion Garment Designing

Aashtha – The initiative of the Ahmedabad Jilla Samaj Kalyan Sangh , Believes in becoming Self employed. Specially in case of women it is essential to earn money as it offers Self Confidence and respect as well as creates a Sense of creation and achievement. We have started a workshop to create Fashion Garments. Initially we shall be teaching this skill to people who in turn will teach other women to design and stitch garments. This 'Train the Trainer' program has already started. Further they will teach many women the basics of fashion technology, garment designing, colors and styling, stitching and various other related aspects.